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This page provides some tips on how to upgrade agent services between different versions of the Open Autonomy framework. For full release notes check the Open-Autonomy repo.

Below we describe the additional manual steps required to upgrade between different versions:

Open Autonomy

v0.13.4 to v0.13.5

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.13.3 to v0.13.4

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.13.2 to v0.13.3

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.13.1 to v0.13.2

  • The usage --password of flag has been deprecated on autonomy deploy command group. Use OPEN_AUTONOMY_PRIVATE_KEY_PASSWORD environment variable to export the private key password string when running autonomy deploy build/run commands.

v0.13.1 to v0.13.1.post1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.13.0 to v0.13.1

  • This release introduces support for defining service level dependencies, which means you can define python dependencies at the service level which will take priority over the agent or component level dependencies. The dependencies parameter is currently optional to make the upgrading easier. But this will be required in the next release, so please update your services accordingly.

v0.12.1.post4 to v0.13.0

  • open-aea-web3 has been replaced with web3py
  • protobuf has been bumped to protobuf>=4.21.6,<5.0.0, this means you will have to bump your protocol generator to v24.3 and generate your protocol packages again.
  • The valory/open-autonomy image will use Python 3.11 as default interpreter for running agents

v0.12.1.post3 to v0.12.1.post4

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.12.1.post2 to v0.12.1.post3

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.12.1.post1 to v0.12.1.post2

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.12.1 to v0.12.1.post1

  • Environment variable names have changed for custom contract address, refer to the mint/service CLI tools documentation regarding the changes.

v0.12.0 to v0.12.1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.11.1 to v0.12.0

  • Renamed the background_behaviour_cls in AbstractRoundBehaviour to termination_behaviour_cls. Should be taken into consideration for all the apps that are utilizing the termination.
  • Renamed the background_behaviour in AbstractRoundBehaviour to termination_behaviour.
  • Renamed the is_background_behaviour_set property in AbstractRoundBehaviour to is_termination_set.
  • Renamed the background_round_cls argument of the add_termination method in AbciApp to termination_round_cls. Should be taken into consideration for all the apps that are utilizing the termination.
  • Renamed the background_round_cls attribute of the AbciApp to termination_round_cls.
  • Renamed the _background_round attribute of the AbciApp to _termination_round.
  • Renamed the background_round property of the AbciApp to termination_round.
  • The AbstractRound class now requires a SkillContext positional argument. To accommodate this change, all round tests will need to be modified to include a mocked context in addition to the synchronized data.

1 && 4 should be taken into consideration for all the apps that are utilizing the termination.

v0.11.0 to v0.11.1

The autonomy deploy run command now handles the exists from deployment and to do this we're running the deployments in detached mode and waiting for the user to cancel what that means is from now on when running the deployments the logs won't be printed out by default. If you want to check out the logs for containers you can use docker logs command.

v0.10.11.post1 to v0.11.0

  • web3py has been replaced with open-aea-web3 and we forked this from web3py@v6.0.0, that means the method names will use the snake_case and the camelCase naming has been deprecated
  • Support for Python 3.7 has been deprecated

v0.10.11 to v0.10.11.post1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.10.post1 to v0.10.11

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.10 to v0.10.10.post1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.9 to v0.10.10

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.8 to v0.10.9

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.7 to v0.10.8

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.6 to v0.10.7

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.5.post2 to v0.10.6

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.5.post1 to v0.10.5.post2

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.4 to v0.10.5.post1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.3 to v0.10.4

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.2 to v0.10.3

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.1 to v0.10.2

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.0.post2 to v0.10.1

This version fixes a bug on the build tools which will introduce a change on the expected output of the deployment builds. Before this bug fix the deployment tools did not index the agents on the manual builds, which lead to the behaviour where if you built the deployment using just one key or --n flag the agents were indexed from 0 instead. With this bug fix the deployment tools will use the all_participants list to index the agents before building the deployments.

v0.10.0.post1 to v0.10.0.post2

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.10.0 to v0.10.0.post1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.9.1 to v0.10.0

Breaking changes

  • The AbciAppDB's create() is responsible for setting the cross-period keys for the new period and converting the corresponding data to the correct format. The skills using the create() method now do not need to manually set the data for the next period as this is handled automatically via the cross-period keys.
  • The setup parameters should not be defined as lists anymore.
  • observation_interval has been renamed to reset_pause_duration.
  • The services which are currently using termination will need to set use_termination: True in their configuration in order to continue using it. Otherwise, use_termination: False should be used.
  • Before this update the autonomy mint/service command groups used to have key file as a required argument, but it's been made optional since the usage of hardware wallet does not require a key file.
  • Autonomy deploy build does not support the usage of --force flag to remove the existing build directories.
  • The service components need to be updated. The service configurations needs to specify the new deployment parameter, which is used in order to expose agent ports when using the deployment commands. It can be empty (deployment: {}) if you do not intend to override the generated compose file for the deployments to expose agent ports.
  • The agent configurations will need to be updated with regard to the following overrides:
  • In the ABCI skill override don't use TENDERMINT_URL and TENDERMINT_COM_URL for Tendermint parameters.
  • In the ABCI connection override don't use ABCI_HOST and ABCI_PORT for ABCI connection parameters.
  • Tendermint and ABCI connection parameters now use the same environment variables' pattern as all other configurations.

v0.9.0 to v0.9.1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.8.0 to v0.9.0

Breaking changes

  • On the skill configuration
  • The max_participants parameter has been removed. If the consensus configuration is empty after removing max_participants, it should be removed as well.
  • The consensus_threshold should now be specified in the setup parameters. If null, the recommended setting, then it is calculated automatically from the participants provided.
  • The synchronized database is now serializable and hashable. This means that the data inserted into the database are now enforced to be primitive or non-primitive built-in types only, except for sets and frozensets since an error is raised as they cannot be serialized/hashed and therefore cannot be inserted into the database. In essence, the data should be json serializable.
  • The usage of local Tendermint Consensus Gadget is optional in the deployment setup, use -ltm, --local-tm-setup when building a deployment using autonomy deploy build command to include a Tendermint Consensus Gadget setup.
  • The cross_period_persisted_keys and database conditions needs to be defined as sets as part of the AbciApp class, before this they were defined using a list
  • On the round class implementation
  • payload_attribute attribute has been removed
  • Usage of payloads with multiple attributes has been simplified since the user can now specify a tuple of keys in order to store all the data of a payload to the database.
  • Round selection_key is now a tuple for multiple-attribute payloads.

v0.7.0 to v0.8.0

  • Support for --rpc and --sca flags has been deprecated on autonomy deploy from-token command. Refer to the CLI documentation to understand how to use custom RPC.
  • The transaction payload classes needs to be defined using the data classes and needs to be immutable
  • Transaction is a data class
  • IPFS connection and protocol need to be added to your aea-config.yaml, if they utilize valory/abstract_round_abci skill.
  • IPFS dialogues and handler need to be specified.
  • send_to_ipfs and get_from_ipfs are now moved to BaseBehaviour and are generators.
  • E2E tests now utilize a local deployment of the IPFS, as such you will need to import the ipfs_daemon and ipfs_domain fixtures from aea_test_autonomy.fixture_helpers.

v0.6.0 to v0.7.0

Breaking changes

  • The new AbstractRound and BaseBehaviour meta classes enforce checks on the class attributes. For concrete classes inheriting from AbstractRound the developer must set synchronized_data_class, allowed_tx_type and payload_attribute. For concrete classes inheriting from BaseBehaviour the developer must set matching_round. These assumptions were present before but not enforced at the class definition level by the framework.
  • The set of all_participants is now retrieved from the safe instance referenced by safe_contract_address and assumed to be present on the target chain.
  • The usage of safe_deployment_abci has been deprecated and support for the package has been dropped. From now on, use the development tools for running a local development image with pre-configured safe to test your applications.

v0.5.0.post2 to v0.6.0

Breaking changes

  • Optional: The developer can update to use the auto-generated behaviour and round ids. In this case, the behaviour_id and round_id need no longer be set on the class. When accessing the auto generated ids on the class use auto_behaviour_id() and auto_round_id() class methods. On the instance behaviour_id and round_id properties resolve the auto id class methods, so no change is required.
  • Required: The pre- (db_pre_conditions) and post- (db_post_conditions) conditions on the synchronized data need to be defined for each initial and final state in an AbciApp. See transaction_settlement_abci for an example.

v0.5.0.post1 to v0.5.0.post2

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.5.0 to v0.5.0.post1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.4.0 to v0.5.0

One backwards incompatible change

Service component

  • This release introduces a new format for defining multiple overrides for an agent on a service configuration. Please follow this guide to update your service configurations accordingly.

v0.3.5 to v0.4.0

Multiple backwards incompatible changes

Autonomy CLI module

  • autonomy analyse abci command group has been deprecated

  • autonomy analyse abci check-app-specs and autonomy analyse generate-app-specs has been merged into autonomy analyse fsm-specs

  • The usage of --infile flag has been deprecated and replaced with the usage of the --package flag
  • Input format for --app-class has been changed from to SomeAbciApp
  • Users will have to manually switch to the newer version, i.e., remove the path prefix in all their FSM specifications. For example an FSM specification with a label: now becomes label: MyAbciApp

  • autonomy analyse abci check-handlers has been moved to autonomy analyse handlers

  • --packages-dr flag has been deprecated, use --registry-path at top level instead
  • Input format for common handlers and skip skills options has been updated

    • Old format - --common abci,http,contract_api,ledger_api,signing --skip abstract_abci,counter,counter_client,hello_world_abci
    • New format -h abci -h http -h contract_api -h ledger_api -h signing -i abstract_abci -i counter -i counter_client -i hello_world_abci
  • autonomy analyse abci docstrings has been moved to autonomy analyse docstrings

  • --check flag has been deprecated and the command will perform the check by default
  • --update flag has been introduced to update the docstring if necessary

  • autonomy analyse abci logs has been moved to autonomy analyse logs

Autonomy test plugin

  • tag property has been renamed to image on aea_test_autonomy.docker.base.DockerImage class

Core packages

  • _HarHatHelperIntegration has been renamed to HardHatHelperIntegration in packages/valory/skills/abstract_round_abci/test_tools/
  • ResetPauseABCIApp has been renamed to ResetPauseAbciApp in packages/valory/skills/reset_pause_abci/
  • ApiSpecs now use dataclasses in order to encapsulate data, which means that response_key, and response_type can be accessed via the response_info instance attribute. Moreover, this attribute now includes the new response_index and error_key, error_index, error_type, error_data. The retries_info instance attribute gives access to the retries_attempted and retries which are now public and also includes the new backoff_factor.

Test tools

  • The packages.valory.skills.abstract_round_abci.test_tools.apis module which contained the DummyMessage has been removed. MagicMock can be used instead. For example, DummyMessage(my_test_body) can be converted to MagicMock(body=my_test_body).

v0.3.4 to v0.3.5

No backwards incompatible changes

Upgrade guide

This release introduces a new format for packages.json file, the older version is still supported but will be deprecated on v1.0.0 so make sure to update your projects to use the new format.

v0.3.3 to v0.3.4

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.3.2 to v0.3.3

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.3.1 to v0.3.2

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.3.0 to v0.3.1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.2.2 to v0.3.0

No backwards incompatible changes except:

  • Deprecated the usage of hashes.csv and replaces it with packages.json, which is maintained by autonomy packages lock
  • --check flag is deprecated from autonomy hash all, from now package consistencies can be verified by autonomy packages lock --check
  • Various test fixtures have moved and been renamed.

v0.2.1.post1 to v0.2.2

No backwards incompatible changes except:

All imports from autonomy.test_tools.* are now found at aea_test_autonomy.*, after installing open-aea-test-autonomy.

v0.2.1 to v0.2.1.post1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.2.0 to v0.2.1

  • build-images command has been renamed to build-image
  • Build support for dependency has been removed from the build-image command
  • autonomy deploy build deployment has been renamed to autonomy deploy build

Refer to quick start docs for more information on the updated deployment flow.

v0.1.6 to v0.2.0

Multiple backwards incompatible changes:

  • The service config no longer accepts the network key on the first YAML page. The network can now be defined via the package overrides.
  • Dependency specifications are now checked against imports for all packages, this means initially packages might need modifying to reference/unreference missing/irrelevant dependencies.
  • The global configuration file for the aea/autonomy CLI has a breaking change. Please remove ~/.aea/cli_config.yaml and rerun autonomy init --remote.

v0.1.5 to v0.1.6

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.1.4 to v0.1.5

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.1.3 to v0.1.4

This release changes the build process for docker images and service deployments. Refer to documentation for more information.

v0.1.2 to v0.1.3

This release introduces the usage of CID v1 hashes.

v0.1.1 to v0.1.2

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.1.0 to v0.1.1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.1.0rc1/2 to v0.1.0