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The Open Autonomy framework

Open Autonomy is a framework for the creation of agent services: off-chain autonomous services which run as a multi-agent-system (MAS) and offer enhanced functionalities on-chain. Agent services expand the range of operations that traditional smart contracts provide, making it possible to execute arbitrarily complex operations (such as machine-learning algorithms). Most importantly, agent services are decentralized, trust-minimized, transparent, and robust.

Open Autonomy

Browse the docs

Get started with the framework, learn the main concepts and get some context on how agent services fit in the wider crypto ecosystem.

Get started

Follow the guides to learn how to use the framework to create and deploy agent services.


A tour to existing agent services that you can explore and use them as a reference for your implementations.


Detailed topics on how the internal components of an agent service work with the framework.

Key concepts

Browse through the CLI and API reference documentation.

Advanced reference

Browse our FAQ where you can find commonly asked questions about the framework.


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