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Custom objects for the transaction settlement ABCI application.

SharedState Objects

class SharedState(BaseSharedState)

Keep the current shared state of the skill.

MutableParams Objects

class MutableParams(TypeCheckMixin)

Collection for the mutable parameters.

GasParams Objects

class GasParams(BaseParams)

Gas parameters.

TransactionParams Objects

class TransactionParams(BaseParams)

Transaction settlement agent-specific parameters.


def __init__(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any) -> None

Initialize the parameters object.

We keep track of the nonce and tip across rounds and periods. We reuse it each time a new raw transaction is generated. If at the time of the new raw transaction being generated the nonce on the ledger does not match the nonce on the skill, then we ignore the skill nonce and tip (effectively we price fresh). Otherwise, we are in a re-submission scenario where we need to take account of the old tip.


  • args: positional arguments
  • kwargs: keyword arguments