Why do we need agent services

Decentralized ledger technologies (DLTs), such as blockchains, face several challenges, for example:

In contrast with the increasing growth of on-chain applications (particularly in DeFi), the off-chain design space has seen a lack of innovation. A lot of the technology is centralized, lacks fault tolerance, the code is often opaque and offers little composability.

Currently, a standardised approach for off-chain application development is missing in the blockchain space. This is where the Open AEA and the Open Autonomy frameworks come in, as open-source frameworks for developers to implement off-chain services which are secured on-chain and can interact with smart contracts.

Location of agent services in the crypto ecosystem

Agent services go beyond simple, purely reactive applications (like smart contracts) and can show complex, proactive behaviours that contain off-chain logic without giving up on decentralization. Examples include, but are not limited to, triggering specific actions on external events, or executing machine learning models.