Debugging in the cluster


This section is under review and will be updated soon.

When debugging deployments, it can be useful to have the option to spin up a hardhat node to enable debugging and testing of the issue within the cluster. First, fetch the service:

autonomy fetch valory/oracle_hardhat --local --service
cd oracle_hardhat

You now need to replace the override in the service.yaml file: change http://host.docker.internal:8545 to http://hardhat:8545.

Then, build the image:

autonomy build-image

Now, push the image to make it accessible for the cluster to pull it. You can get the tag from the previous command:

docker image push <tag>

Finally, build the deployment and run it:

autonomy deploy build  ../generated_keys.json --kubernetes --dev
kubectl apply -f abci_build/
kubectl apply -f abci_build/agent_keys

This will deploy a private hardhat container to the cluster, along with the associated agent service, configured to use the hardhat container.