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Execution replay

The replay functionality of the dev mode allows to replay a previous execution of agents in a service for debugging purposes. This guide assumes that you have successfully built an run an agent service in dev mode.

Replay agent execution

  1. Run the service. Build and run the agent service in dev mode.

  2. Wait for service execution. Wait until the service has completed at least one period before cancelling the execution. That is, wait until the ResetAndPauseRound round has occurred at least once. This is required because the Tendermint server will only dump Tendermint data when it reaches that state. Once you have a data dump, you can stop the local execution by pressing Ctrl-C.

  3. Recreate the Tendermint network. Spawn a Tendermint network with the available dumps.

    autonomy replay tendermint
  4. Replay agent execution. Now, you can run replays for specified agents using

    autonomy replay agent AGENT_NUM

    where AGENT_NUM is a number between 0 and \(N-1\), being \(N\) the number of available agents. For example, to run the replay for the first agent, execute

    autonomy replay agent 0