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autonomy build-image

Builds the agent image for a service.

The command must be executed within the service directory. That is, a directory containing the service configuration file (service.yaml). Labels for images generated using this command will follow the format valory/oar-<PUBLIC_ID>.

To build an image for a specific agent without fetching a service, run

autonomy build-image PUBLIC_ID_OR_HASH
where PUBLIC_ID_OR_HASH refers to the agent public ID or hash as stored in a local or remote repository.


autonomy build-image [OPTIONS] [PUBLIC_ID_OR_HASH]


--service-dir PATH
Path to service directory.
--version TEXT
Specify tag version for the image.
Build development image.
Pull latest dependencies.
Show the help message and exit.


autonomy build-image --service-dir /my_service

Builds the agent images for the service located in the directory my_service.