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This page provides some tips on how to upgrade agent services between different versions of the Open Autonomy framework. For full release notes check the Open-Autonomy repo.

Below we describe the additional manual steps required to upgrade between different versions:

Open Autonomy

v0.3.0 to v0.3.1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.2.2 to v0.3.0

No backwards incompatible changes except:

  • Deprecated the usage of hashes.csv and replaces it with packages.json, which is maintained by autonomy packages lock
  • --check flag is deprecated from autonomy hash all, from now package consistencies can be verified by autonomy packages lock --check
  • Various test fixtures have moved and been renamed.

v0.2.1.post1 to v0.2.2

No backwards incompatible changes except:

All imports from autonomy.test_tools.* are now found at aea_test_autonomy.*, after installing open-aea-test-autonomy.

v0.2.1 to v0.2.1.post1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.2.0 to v0.2.1

  • build-images command has been renamed to build-image
  • Build support for dependency has been removed from the build-image command
  • autonomy deploy build deployment has been renamed to autonomy deploy build

Refer to quick start docs for more information on the updated deployment flow.

v0.1.6 to v0.2.0

Multiple backwards incompatible changes:

  • The service config no longer accepts the network key on the first YAML page. The network can now be defined via the package overrides.
  • Dependency specifications are now checked against imports for all packages, this means initially packages might need modifying to reference/unreference missing/irrelevant dependencies.
  • The global configuration file for the aea/autonomy CLI has a breaking change. Please remove ~/.aea/cli_config.yaml and rerun autonomy init --remote.

v0.1.5 to v0.1.6

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.1.4 to v0.1.5

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.1.3 to v0.1.4

This release changes the build process for docker images and service deployments. Refer to documentation for more information.

v0.1.2 to v0.1.3

This release introduces the usage of CID v1 hashes.

v0.1.1 to v0.1.2

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.1.0 to v0.1.1

No backwards incompatible changes

v0.1.0rc1/2 to v0.1.0

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