Open Autonomy is a framework for the creation of agent services, and is realized on top of the Open AEA framework.

Open AEA is a framework for building arbitrary agent-based applications. It provides the elements to define and implement the required components of an agent, e.g., contracts, connections, protocols or skills."

The Open Autonomy framework extends Open AEA to a service architecture. That is, it allows to build applications as distributed systems (agent services) implemented as sets of agents.

Thus, the Open Autonomy framework provides:

  • A collection of command line tools to build, deploy, publish and test agent services.
  • A collection of packages with base classes to create the necessary components that provide the underlying functionalities that AEAs need to become part of an agent service.

Throughout this documentation you will learn both how AEAs are extended to a service architecture, and how to use the framework to manage these services.