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Generates the specification for a given ABCI app in YAML/JSON/Mermaid format.

DFASpecificationError Objects

class DFASpecificationError(Exception)

Simple class to raise errors when parsing a DFA.

DFA Objects

class DFA()

Simple specification of a deterministic finite automaton (DFA).

OutputFormats Objects

class OutputFormats()

Output formats.


def __init__(label: str, states: Set[str], default_start_state: str, start_states: Set[str], final_states: Set[str], alphabet_in: Set[str], transition_func: Dict[Tuple[str, str], str])

Initialize DFA object.


def is_transition_func_total() -> bool

Outputs True if the transition function of the DFA is total.

A transition function is total when it explicitly defines all the transitions for all the possible pairs (state, input_symbol). By convention, when a transition (state, input_symbol) is not defined for a certain input_symbol, it will be automatically regarded as a self-transition to the same state.


True if the transition function is total. False otherwise.


def get_transitions(input_sequence: List[str]) -> List[str]

Runs the DFA given the input sequence of symbols, and outputs the list of state transitions.


def parse_transition_func() -> Dict[str, Dict[str, str]]

Parse the transition function from the spec to a nested dictionary.


def __eq__(other: object) -> bool

Compares two DFAs


def dump(file: Path, output_format: str = "yaml") -> None

Dumps this DFA spec. to a file in YAML/JSON/Mermaid format.


def dump_json(fp: TextIO) -> None

Dump to a json file.


def dump_yaml(fp: TextIO) -> None

Dump to a yaml file.


def dump_mermaid(fp: TextIO) -> None

Dumps this DFA spec. to a file in Mermaid format.


def generate() -> Dict[str, Any]

Retrieves an exportable representation for YAML/JSON dump of this DFA.


def load(cls, fp: TextIO, input_format: str = "yaml") -> "DFA"

Loads a DFA JSON specification from file.


def abci_to_dfa(cls, abci_app_cls: Any, label: str = "") -> "DFA"

Translates an AbciApp class into a DFA.

SpecCheck Objects

class SpecCheck()

Class to represent abci spec checks.


def check_one(informat: str, infile: str, classfqn: str) -> bool

Check for one.


def check_all(cls, packages_dir: Path) -> None

Check all the available definitions.

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